But what makes us unique?

Love Everyday

I bet you are wondering – what makes us different to everyone else? Well that is simple, we love what we do. Waking up on a Monday morning isn’t a chore any more.

Being Bold

We believe in being bold, standing out from the crowd and celebrating uniqueness. Why would you want to look the same as everyone else? Let’s have fun and let’s be memorable.   

Personal Touch

In a world where everything is online, and you can get from A-Z without any human interaction, we are all about the personal touches. We will always meet for a coffee (or a beer) and discuss ideas for your exhibition/event no matter how big or small.


Lead & Lemon is a family run business. Oliver and Tom Neal are brothers (I’m sure you guessed that from the name!) from Hertfordshire and Oliver’s fiancé Kellie O’ Mahony is from Ireland.  

Between us, we have 30+ years’ experience in the exhibition and event world around the globe. We were always seeing the same boring furniture so, we started making unique items for our client’s exhibitions and events. Eventually we ended up with so many items that we decided to launch Lead & Lemon.